Lezerem Rantile is a character in Demon Gaze. He's an Elf who runs the item shop in Dragon Princess Inn. He's always getting into some kind of trouble, and frequently fights with Cassel.


Lezerem has long, blonde hair that passes his hips, pale skin, amber eyes, and a smug disposition. His clothing consists of a white and gold jacket and black slacks, along with a small array of necklaces. There is also two viles, green and blue, attached to what appears to be a small, white belt holding them.

His left ear also appears to be pierced, and there is a small pocket on his jacket, which seems to be holding a pen(?). He wears a pair of dark, brown-ish rimmed glasses.

Lezerem DG2

Lezerem as he appears in Demon Gaze II

In Demon Gaze II, he has put on a lot of weight, and now he wears a green jumpsuit.


The elf is extremely eccentric and hyperactive, making him difficult to keep up with at times. He seems both overly-friendly and very vengeful at the same time, as shown when Cassel "eats his ice cream," prompting him to act rather buddy-buddy with Oz while also taking revenge on the weapon shop's owner.



  • It is revealed by Pinay that Lezerem is a lightweight, as she states, "How many times do you have to get naked before realizing you're a lightweight?!"